n what may be the funniest thing I have ever read in my life, Bernie Williams is being accused of hitting a woman in a Puerto Rico night club for taking his picture.

First of all, Bernie WIlliams is WAY too old to be in a night club. I bet he still carries Banaka and drinks Tom Collins' neat. Second, Bernie hasn't hit anything hard in 5 years, so I don't know what this woman is complaining about. And based on the strength of his throwing arm, I can't see how a swing of his right hand could have done any considerable damage.

Of all of the seedy things that we hear about professional athletes, would you EVER have thought that you would be hearing about Bernie f*cking Williams backhanding some skank in a club? It just sounds too much like Wayne Brady threatening to choke a bitch on Chappelle's Show. This is why I love this job. (Well, let's call it a job even though the defining characteristic of a "job" is usually some sort of monetary compensation. In that case, its not really a "job", per se. More of an "activity" I guess. Or a "hobby". Or, as some call it, an "enormous waste of time and productivity". There, thats it.)

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