As in every spring, the best and finest horse racing festival is upon us, the Cheltenham horse racing festival, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the United Kingdom.It's an event like no other, and attracts thousands of people from the UK and around the world to watch (and bet..) on the greatest races and horses year round. From the 2013 Cheltenham Gold Cup and World Hurdle to the Queen Mother Champion Chase and the Champion Hurdle. Fans and viewers witting all year long to gather, watch and celebrates. Many fans also like to have a bet on Cheltenham or two on the races at hand, picking diligently the betting odds for each race and each horse.

There is a lot of money at stakes..beyond off course the proud and glory of winners in all of these prestigious races. There are many sites which offers horse betting lines online, to those who can't go to England but follow the racing world non the less and love place a wager here and there. That is a actually a great fast and easy way to gamble, but you should always choose carefully where to do so, and a reputable honest sites are always a good places, so just make sure you check and know, as you do not want to win and not be able to collect..

The final day of the festival is always the biggest one, with main event races such as Cheltenham Gold Cup is on display and the horses (and their owners..) will be put to the test. Since it's very beginning more than 200 years a go, pride and tradition were always a part of the Cheltenham spring horse racing. There were great jockeys throughout the years, who always were an integral part of the races success (other than the horses themselves off course..). The 2012 winner was Barry Geraghty, who won 5 races in the four days festival, and will sure be interested to see if he can maintain his success on the field.
Although many bettors like the St. Louis Cardinals to again represent the National League in the 2015 World Series, there are a couple of better investments on baseball betting lines. Here’s why the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers are better bets to win it all:

Washington Nationals (+500): The Nationals are easily the best team in the National League East, so they should get to the postseason with no issues. Max Scherzer leads a rotation that will be lights out when they get their act together and the bullpen is pretty solid as well. If Bryce Harper stays healthy, the offense can be a juggernaut as well. But the Nationals have to start converting on their playoff chances or else they'll be known as the 2000s version of the 1990s Atlanta Braves, who won the East almost every year, but won the World Series just once.

Los Angeles Dodgers (+650): When everything is clicking, the Dodgers might be the best team in the majors on paper. That’s why they’re one of the favorites for baseball betting . The issue is getting everything clicking at the same time. The pitching has been great and Clayton Kershaw hasn't even shown his best stuff yet as Zack Greinke carries the rotation. However, the key is the offense, which is currently 13th in the majors in runs scored. Yaisel Puig has been battling injuries all season, but he can spark the offense on his own if he starts to hit like we know he can. The Dodgers still have to get past their bitter rivals from San Francisco in the NL West, but they have the talent to do that and much more. With the Dodgers, it’s just hard to argue against them when you know they’ll be trotting out Kershaw-Greinke in Games 1 and 2 of their playoff series. That’s going to be a lot for any team to overcome.
For people who wish to gain understanding of basketball, the following are some of the terms used in the game of basketball.

• Dribble: A dribble is a movement of the ball caused by a player. The player taps or throws the ball in the air or on the floor.

• Foul: The illegal physical contact occurs when an opponent after the ball has become live

• Frontcourt/Backcourt: It is the space between the end line and the edge of the midcourt line.

• Held Ball: This mostly occurs when the two opponents have both of their hands firmly on the ball

• Live Ball: It is when the ball is disposed of a free throw shooter or in a thrower in or tossed by an official.

• Throw-in: This refers to the method that involves putting the ball in play at the disposal of the team or a player dedicated to it.

• Free throw: A free throw is the privilege that a player gets to score one point by having an attempt for the goal without any kind if hindrance from a position behind the throw line.

These were some of the most common terms used in basketball. There are several other terms, which you need to know to get a better understanding of the sport.
The following are some of the player positions in the game of basketball. The Center: These are mostly the tallest players. These players are mostly positioned near the basket to score points for the team.

Forward: These are the next tallest players after the center players. The forward mostly plays under the hoop and is required to operate in the corner areas and in the wings.

Guard: In this position, there are mostly shortest players who are really good at dribbling and passing. It is the job of the players in the guard position to bring the ball and set up offensive plays down in the court.

These were some of the player positions in Basketball. If you are a basketball fan, then it is important for you to know all the basics of the game and understand the rules of the game. It's also true if you like to bet from time to time on basketball games..some of the best sports betting sites also provide that info, but it's always better to know the rules, before start placing bets.

Due to the fun and excitement that the game of basketball offers to the players as well as the viewers, it has become of the most favorite sports played today. The NBA has gained tremendous popularity among the basketball lovers.
The Women’s National Basketball Association or WNBA, as it’s popularly known, refers to women’s professional basketball league in the US. It was established on April 24, 1996 and the league play started some months later in 1997. The regular season of the WNBA is played from June to September, with the Finals held in October. Currently, the WNBA comprises 12 teams.

Many teams in the WNBA have NBA counterparts and play in the same arena. The Chicago Sky though doesn’t share an arena with any NBA counterpart. The Connecticut Sun, Tulsa Shock and Seattle Storm are some of the only teams in the current time that don’t share the market with an NBA team. The Chicago Sky, The Connecticut Sun, The Tulsa Shock, The Seattle Storm, The Los Angeles Sparks and The Atlanta Dream are all independently owned teams.

In the inaugural season of the WNBA (1997), it was Houston Comets that walked away with the championship after defeating the New York Liberty with the score 65-51. Houston Comets went on to stamp the authority in style, winning the next three WNBA Championships too (1998, 1999, 2000). The latest season (2011) of the WNBA Championship was won by the Minnesota Lynx which defeated the Atlanta Dreams in the finals. The current president of the WNBA is Laurel J Ritchie.