As in every spring, the best and finest horse racing festival is upon us, the Cheltenham horse racing festival, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, the United Kingdom.It's an event like no other, and attracts thousands of people from the UK and around the world to watch (and bet..) on the greatest races and horses year round. From the 2013 Cheltenham Gold Cup and World Hurdle to the Queen Mother Champion Chase and the Champion Hurdle. Fans and viewers witting all year long to gather, watch and celebrates. Many fans also like to have a bet on Cheltenham or two on the races at hand, picking diligently the betting odds for each race and each horse.

There is a lot of money at stakes..beyond off course the proud and glory of winners in all of these prestigious races. There are many sites which offers horse betting lines online, to those who can't go to England but follow the racing world non the less and love place a wager here and there. That is a actually a great fast and easy way to gamble, but you should always choose carefully where to do so, and a reputable honest sites are always a good places, so just make sure you check and know, as you do not want to win and not be able to collect..

The final day of the festival is always the biggest one, with main event races such as Cheltenham Gold Cup is on display and the horses (and their owners..) will be put to the test. Since it's very beginning more than 200 years a go, pride and tradition were always a part of the Cheltenham spring horse racing. There were great jockeys throughout the years, who always were an integral part of the races success (other than the horses themselves off course..). The 2012 winner was Barry Geraghty, who won 5 races in the four days festival, and will sure be interested to see if he can maintain his success on the field.