It's that time of the year again, and many NBA Teams are warming up towered the home stretch, and position themselves as the playoffs is in the horizon. After a great ALL Star weekend down in New Orleans, everyone's attention is now for playing basketball, get the best standings possible, and be ready for the playoffs.

The best player thus far ? no question it is Kevin Durant. This year, KD, or if you play along with his new nick name "The Servant" (I don't know why he likes it, I don't..) is the man among boys in the NBA and is all but sure to win this years MVP. But that's not the issue. The issue is and always was, who will win the NBA title?

Lebron James's Miami Heat are coming of winning the title the past two years, and get it again, would mean an amazing accomplishment, last seen by Michael Jordan's Bulls, winning back to back to back titles. In today's world, that's unheard off, many experts agrees, and would be a huge achievement for the star in south Florida. But as always, other suitors are in live for some championship magic, as teams like the Clippers, or The San Antonio Spurs (always) and even the Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors, two great young teams that can create real damage to opponents teams.

But the real deal this year have to be the Oklahoma City Thunder, and with news that fellow point guard Russell Westbrook is ready to return from injury and help his team with the push it needs to finally get over the hump, and win the title they wants so much down south. It remains to be seen how it all unfold, but it will be very interesting, as the best show in the world will start in just a few short month.
The Lakers have been a sleeping giant in the Western Conference the past two seasons, playing well below their franchise standards. The Lakers, who are used to setting the pace in the West, have been snuffed during free agency, leaning on the brittle body of Kobe Bryant, and fielding a lineup of relative unknowns. It’s no surprise L.A. finished 21-61 SU and just 36-41-5 ATS for those doing basketball betting online this past season.

Will that brief hiccup in the franchise’s history right itself this offseason? The Lakers started on the right foot by scoring the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft and subsequently selecting Ohio State star freshman D’Angelo Russell. They also added Larry Nance Jr., son of NBA great Larry Nance, from Wyoming in the second round of the draft, giving L.A. a youth movement in the frontcourt along with last year’s top pick Julius Randle, who missed all of last season after breaking his right tibia in the 2014-15 opener.

Those 2015 draft picks may be in purple and gold come October, and they may not, depending on how much wheeling and dealing Los Angeles wants to do this offseason. There are plenty of All-Stars rumored to be on the trade block, like Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins, and also some massive names on the free agent market, such as Kevin Love, Jimmy Butler and LaMarcus Aldridge, who all have buzz building in La-La Land. If you’re doing some basketball betting online this summer, you may be able to scoop up value on the Lakers’ futures before a deal goes down, so pay close attention to the rumor mill.

Of course, the big question hanging over the Lakers in 2015-16 is Bryant’s supposed swan song. The future Hall of Famer has played just 41 games the past two seasons due to multiple injuries and has told the organization that this will be his final season.

Bryant hurt the Lakers as much as he helped them last year, averaging 22.3 points but shooting just 37.3 percent from the field – a career low for the 19-year veteran. If the Lakers can get production from those fresh faces and add another star or two to shoulder the scoring load, there could be one more playoff run left in Kobe before he calls it a career.
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Almost all young people in high schools and colleges have a dream of playing for an NBA basketball team. In order to have a fulfilling career in NBA, one has to be adequately prepared to achieve this goal. Lack of preparation would only end up killing a dream before it takes off. As a high school or college student, what you need to do is to prepare yourself properly so that you are considered eligible for NBA draft pick. Before the NBA draft night, you will be put through several rigorous tests and interviews to evaluate your eligibility and preparedness.

There is now a law in place by NBA to limit the draft picks to college students only. This has been in place since the 2006-2007 season. If you are a high school basketball player, you would need to wait until you pass your 19th birthday to even consider applying for this. The next stop would be to attend university where their history in terms of producing basketball players who are successful in their professional careers is not in doubt. Next would be to send a letter to the NBA headquarters in New York City asking to be considered for NBA Draft Pick.

Once you get an application form from NBA in response to your letter, you should fill it as accurately as possible. Take some time off to talk with your college basketball coach, family members and a few friends on the benefits or demerits of signing with an agency. This is because once you sign up with an agent, you are not allowed to go back and play for your college’s basketball team. When you hear about the pre-draft NBA camps being organized, you should make it a point to attend them.

When you get the chance, give it your all while listening to what you are being told by your agent or adviser or trainer. Be flexible to what others tell you especially with regard to changing the position you are probably most comfortable with.
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