Sport betting not just helps in making huge money but it also adds fun to the game and makes it more exciting to watch. When you bet on a game by placing wager you become very excited to know the result. You also want to see that the prediction you have made is right or not. But if you are new, then here are some college football betting tips for you.

1. The first and most important point that you must always keep in mind when you come into the field of betting is managing bankroll. Always start with an amount that you feel will not have any affect when lost. Then instead of placing big bets use small amount and play for long period.

2. Focus on the college team taking part in the game. If the contest is held every year then you must check the past record of the team and individual players before placing bet.

3. Always remember that you cannot make huge money by betting on college game. Thus do not think of being rich. Just start betting with a motive of adding fun to the game.

4. Watch the game with concentration and notice all the moves the team is taking. Their moves will help you decide the betting team. For example if a member in a team is doing a lot of mistakes then there is a chance that it will win. Team member’s health and energy will also help you take decision. Any kind of injury will surely bring the performance down for a team.

5. There are many online Sportsbook and you can always take their help too. You can also keep a record of the past bet and guess further on the same graph. Forum is also the best place from where you can get knowledge and help on college football betting.
Early-bird NFL bettors have been able to wager on Super Bowl futures and Week 1 NFL betting lines for a while, but as the 2015 season ticks closer to kickoff more props – like the popular passing yards leader prop – are hitting the board. Here’s a look at the favorite quarterbacks to top the NFL in passing this coming season and their average betting price from an online odds calculator:

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts (+300)
Luck has quickly put his name among the elite passers in just three seasons in the NFL. The Colts quarterback finished third last season with 4,761 yards through the air, completing almost 62 percent of his passes. Indianapolis added another receiving option for their star QB in former Texans wideout Andre Johnson, along with T.Y. Hilton, and budding tight end Coby Fleener. The Colts did bring in RB Frank Gore, who isn’t a stranger to catching a pass or two as well.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers (+475)
The fact Rodgers is so potent for an offense that passes just 56.36 percent of the time is a testament to just how good the Packers’ stud quarterback really is. Rodgers heaved up 4,381 passing yards in 2014 – seventh in the NFL – with a 65.6 completion percentage. He has home run hitters in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb downfield and RB Eddie Lacy reeled in 42 catches for 427 receiving yards last year. However, Lacy is still the work horse of the offense on the ground, so A-Rod is behind Luck in terms of this prop's odds.

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos (+500)
Manning is one of the greatest to ever line up under center but the aging QB declined drastically in the second half of 2014 and now has a brand new coaching staff calling the shots in the Mile High City. Head coach Gary Kubiak loves to run the ball, and the Broncos may use Manning more as a decoy with plenty of playaction to free up space for the runners, rather then putting the entire offense on his shoulders. That’s not to say Manning doesn’t have the weapons to top the NFL in passing, with Demaryius Thomas flaunting a newly-inked contract and speedster Emmanuel Sanders coming off a huge 2014.
The NFL preseason is a time for teams to fine tune their playbook, work in new players and shore up starters. And there are a number of teams trying to figure out who will be taking snaps come Week 1 of the 2015 season. The sports betting odds on these teams can fluctuate right up until a QB has been named the starter.

Betting teams undergoing quarterback battles can often times be a profitable handicapping tactic. Unlike teams with a solid starter, who may or may not play during exhibition games, QBs in competition with each other are going all out for the No. 1 job. Here are some QB battles to bet this preseason:

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Manziel has an uphill climb when it comes to winning over the Cleveland faithful, following his disappointing rookie campaign and subsequent stint in rehab this offseason. The jury is still out on whether or not “Johnny Football” has the dedication, intelligence, and size to be a capable NFL passer. The job would look to be Josh McCown’s, who comes over from Tampa Bay. He’s shown brief flashes of brilliance during this pro career and would seem like the safe choice. But safe doesn’t sell jerseys. Cleveland opens the preseason at home to Washington.

New York Jets

There are big expectations for the J-E-T-S this upcoming season and with the addition of WR Brandon Marshall, whoever wins the starting gig will have a go-to target. Geno Smith is the leader in the club house, with an edge over veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick. However, the preseason will be the real decider for New York’s QB battle. Smith often found himself stuck between being a dual threat and a pocket passer last season, which led to a league-worst 47 sacks from the Jets offensive line. Decisiveness will win this job. New York kicks off the exhibition slate in Detroit.

Buffalo Bills

Staying in the AFC East, the Bills have a real pickle on their hands when it comes to who will be the Week 1 starter. The franchise doesn’t want to pull the plug on E.J. Manuel just yet, but the rumors coming out of upstate New York are that Manuel may be No. 3 on the depth chart behind Tyrod Taylor and veteran Matt Cassel. Could this just be a clever motivational ploy by new head coach Rex Ryan in hopes of lighting a fire under Manuel? Football bettors will find out when the Bills open their preseason slate versus Carolina at home.

Several bettors who wish to bet on various sports often give up, as they are unable to make the most out of their betting career. However, with the advent of the Internet, sports betting have become a lot more easy and simple.

Today, sports bettors are able to understand everything that goes into sports betting and are able to know and understand the strategies that help them to make the most of their betting career. Apart from providing useful betting tips and strategies, the online betting sites also provide the bettors with large bonuses that help them to place bets. Some online betting sites also provide the bettors with myriad payment options, which make it easy for bettors based all around the world to place bets, as they are able to get money in their currency.

These were some of the benefits associated with online sports betting. If you are the one who wishes to make a career in betting, then it is advisable that you make use of the Internet and the various online betting sites to place your bets. This way you would be able to learn the techniques as well as be able to earn maximum amount of money.

If you remember, just two years ago the Houston Texans started off 2-0 only to finish the remainder of the season losing every single game. This is a strong reminder that the first two games of the season do not dictate how a team will progress through the rest of the season. That being said, though the Houston Texans started this 2015-2016 season 0-2 they can still make it to the playoffs. They will just need a little help.

According to the Information’s Football Power Index and ESPN stats, the Houston Texans still have a 17 percent chance of making it to the playoffs this season. So all hope should not be lost. Though 17 percent may sound a bit far-fetched, our expert analysis shows that the number is the fourth best odds of the 0-2 teams.

Why Houston Texans Will Likely Not Make It To The Playoffs

Since the playoff format changed in 1990, only 12 percent of teams that started the season at 0-2 have made it to the playoffs. Additionally, among all of the teams historically that have made it to the playoffs only 8 percent of those teams have started the season at 0-2.

The most monumental hurdle standing in the way of the Houston Texans and making it to the playoffs is their offense. Can the Texans offense develop enough of a game to at least help their defense minutely? Our NFL experts say it’s doubtful.

Predicted Outcome For The Texans

The predicted outcome for the Houston Texans does not involve making it to the playoffs, or anywhere near actually. Finishing somewhere around an even season, say 7-9, the Houston Texans will beat at least one team that is deemed a “better team.” As of now the Texans are 5-5. They still play the Saints, Bills, Patriots, Colts, Titans and Jaguars. Being it that the Patriots are playing great football right now, it’s highly unlikely for the Texans to pull out a victory. Therefore, the prediction is that it will either be the Bills or the Colts (as both are considered to be better than Houston) that the Texan underdog will take home the win. For more NFL insight/predictions, visit the experts online.