Sport betting not just helps in making huge money but it also adds fun to the game and makes it more exciting to watch. When you bet on a game by placing wager you become very excited to know the result. You also want to see that the prediction you have made is right or not. But if you are new, then here are some college football betting tips for you.

1. The first and most important point that you must always keep in mind when you come into the field of betting is managing bankroll. Always start with an amount that you feel will not have any affect when lost. Then instead of placing big bets use small amount and play for long period.

2. Focus on the college team taking part in the game. If the contest is held every year then you must check the past record of the team and individual players before placing bet.

3. Always remember that you cannot make huge money by betting on college game. Thus do not think of being rich. Just start betting with a motive of adding fun to the game.

4. Watch the game with concentration and notice all the moves the team is taking. Their moves will help you decide the betting team. For example if a member in a team is doing a lot of mistakes then there is a chance that it will win. Team member’s health and energy will also help you take decision. Any kind of injury will surely bring the performance down for a team.

5. There are many online Sportsbook and you can always take their help too. You can also keep a record of the past bet and guess further on the same graph. Forum is also the best place from where you can get knowledge and help on college football betting.